The facilities

Our main service centre is strategically located in Castellbisbal, very close to Barcelona and next to the AP-7 motorway. It has facilities designed so that the work flow in carrying out repair and maintenance tasks is carried out in a rational way, avoiding unwanted vehicle movements and thus reducing downtime. The 3,500 m2 workshop is equipped with the most advanced safety equipment, including those required for work on hybrid/electric, NGV and hydrogen mobility vehicles. There is a 12,000 m2 car park for parking vehicles while waiting for turn.


We also have a workshop specialised in providing support and maintenance for sustainable mobility vehicles in Tarragona, specifically in the Entrevies industrial park next to the AP-7. The facility is 1000 m2 in size and is fully equipped and staffed with qualified personnel to handle repairs to electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Environmental and industrial safety regulations

All our activities are developed by applying the current rules and regulations that apply to us.


All our activities are developed applying the following rules and regulations:


/// Management policy


/// Registry of industrial establishments reic-080169446


/// Registration for the manufacture of semi-trailers and tanks for the transport of hazardous materials, under adr regulations and approval for the registration of trailers and semi-trailers.


/// Certification of the quality manual, according to une standard – 66901/86, for the construction of tanks for hazardous materials.


/// Standard unites in ISO 9002/2000 / Standard unites in ISO 14001 / Standard unites 81900 EX


/// Certification for the repair and modification of tanks (Annex C) royal decree 948/2003, order ITC/2765/2005


/// European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR).


/// Regulation of pressure equipment.


/// Standardization code for welding processes and welders.


/// Construction regulations, type approval, tests and inspections of tanks for the transport of dangerous goods.


/// Construction standards and type approval, for vehicle registration.


/// All those applicable to the activity covered by the industrial registry.


/// Weather Control Log.

Conscious with the environment

Aware that our activity affects the environment, all our processes are subject to a study prior to approval and subsequent reviews in order to identify vectors, assess their environmental effects, manage them and reduce them as far as possible.

Human capital

We consider human capital to be the people who make up our organization, being the main resource of our company. Their involvement and teamwork sharing the company’s values ​​is an essential part of the success of our work.


Knowledge and ongoing training of our staff is a priority objective. In particular, in work safety and in new technologies, such as the mobility of hybrid/electric vehicles, CNG and hydrogen.


The service is valued above all when it is necessary. For that reason we are always available; in our offices continuously from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m, from Monday to Friday and at night and 24/365 service for emergencies (according to agreement with the client).