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Our service policy is always focussed on satisfying the needs of our clients, to offer them a quality service, trying to exceed expectations and being evolved with the environment.

The evolution of the urban bus with thermal engines, later GNV vehicles, hybrids, electric and currently hydrogen, has generated the need to have highly trained personnel with specific training for each need.

Over time, we have obtained a specialization based on experience, the adequacy of the facilities (certified according to the une 60637 standard) and the continuous training of the human team, adapting to new technologies and customer needs.

Aware of the new challenge, Consman offers its technical assistance services, within a framework of honest collaboration and with a strict confidentiality commitment that safeguards the information considered critical.


We consider our human capital as the company’s main resource, so the knowledge and training of our staff is a priority objective. Especially the one referring to safety at work, which implies specific training, in hybrid/electric vehicles, cng and hydrogen, to effectively satisfy all the needs of a comprehensive urban bus service.

/// Electrical training complies with rd 614/2001 requirements
/// Maintenance and repair of cng vehicles as the basis of the une 60637 standard.
/// Training of gap experts on natural gas (cng) equipment in vehicles according to european regulation ece-r 110 and ece-r 115, trained by professor Wiedemann.
/// Maintenance and repair of hydrogen vehicles.
/// Siadis system, formed by Siemens.
/// Installation and maintenance of anti-fire systems, trained by Fogmaker.
/// Multiplexed.
/// Suspension and braking systems, formed by Wabco and Haldex.
/// Thermal engine maintenance, trained by Cummins.
/// System of doors and ramps, formed by Masats.
/// Heating system, trained by Pedro Sanz Clima.
/// Driving assistance system, trained by Mobileye Academy.
/// Continuous training in occupational risks.


We have more technical personnel assigned to the Urban Mobility section with training for comprehensive bodywork service work including bodywork and paint repair, as well as auxiliary equipment and accessories.


Uninterrupted hours from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Night hours and service 24 hours/365 days at the request of the client.


Permanent displacement to the client’s facilities, we have a fleet of 4 assistance vehicles, plus 2 support vehicles.

/// Director
/// Workshop manager/ preventive resource
/// Head of administration / management of guarantees
/// Logistics manager
/// Technicians
///  Technicians / testers with D license
/// Bodywork operators