Our main activity focuses on the followings areas:

Vehicle carriers

Modification and/or replacement of bodywork and repairs derived from the general maintenance of the vehicle.

Our relationship with LOHR, a leading manufacturer in the sector in Spain since 1996, with whom we maintain a close collaboration, has allowed us to obtain extensive training and experience which, with the evolution and requirements of our customers, today allows us to respond to all your service needs, regardless of vehicle make.

Nuestra vinculación con LOHR, fabricante líder del sector en España desde 1996, con el que mantenemos una estrecha colaboración, nos ha permitido obtener un alta capacitación y experiencia que, junto con la evolución y el requerimiento de nuestros clientes, hoy nos permite darles respuesta a todas sus necesidades de servicio, independientemente de la marca del vehículo.


Our experience in this sector, certification and human and technical resources allow us to repair or modify all types of tanks. Whether chemical, fuel, food or powdery.

We have the logistics to be able to move and repair 20, 30 and 40-foot containers with total safety and guarantee, as well as to carry out all the regulatory tests required by current regulations. Collaborating with the main Certification entities.
Many manufacturers trust us to be part of their after-sales service.


The largest section and where our versatility allows us to offer a wide service.
We repair all types of platforms, container carriers, tautliners, vans, refrigerators and special vehicles.

We are part of the Krone Trailer service network as an official workshop, offering quality repairs and original brand materials. In relation to so-called special vehicles, we work together with Nooteboom, both manufacturers are worldwide referenced.


Modificación y/o sustitución de carrocerías y las reparaciones derivadas del mantenimiento general del vehículo.


Nuestra experiencia en este sector, la certificación y los medios humanos y técnicos nos permite reparar o modificar todo tipo de cisternas. Ya sean de químicos, carburantes, alimenticio o pulverulentos.


Disponemos de logística para poder mover y reparar contenedores de 20, 30 y 40 pies con total seguridad y garantía, así como para realizar todas las pruebas reglamentarias que exige la normativa actual. Colaborando con las principales entidades de Certificación.
Diversos fabricantes, confían en nosotros para formar parte de su servicio postventa.


El apartado más amplio y donde nuestra versatilidad, nos permite ofrecer un amplio servicio.
Reparamos todo tipo de plataforma, porta contenedor, tautliner, furgón, frigorífico y vehículos especiales.


Formamos parte de la red de servicio de Krone Tráiler como taller oficial, ofreciendo una reparación de calidad y materiales originales de la marca. En relación a los vehículos denominados especiales, trabajamos conjuntamente con Nooteboom, ambos fabricantes son referencia a nivel mundial.


Increasingly, the immobilization of industrial vehicles directly affects penalties and delays in service. To avoid these situations as much as possible, at Consman we specialize in preventive maintenance and control of vehicles and fleets, carrying out scheduled maintenance and periodic reviews. Our precise work process allows us to know the needs of the vehicle in a controlled manner, minimizing maintenance costs and stoppages.

We work together with our clients to apply a specific maintenance program for each type of vehicle and need.


Wabco and Haldex official service. We collaborate with both companies that are leaders in technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles. We have diagnosis and repair equipment of the brands and personnel in permanent training in their official centers.


Our technical staff coordinates and manages the performance of inspections with collaborating entities, with the aim of reducing downtime and management procedures. We process the following types of review:




We have state-of-the-art pre-ITV (with load simulation) so we can check, adjust or repair the entire undercarriage of your vehicle with total safety and guarantee.


We have a 50m long truing stand, equipped with internal and external traction systems, which facilitates the alignment of the chassis and the correction of cold deformations.


Alignment work is the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technical means with the experience of our technicians.


Our painting workshop has a 30m long cabin line that allows painting all types of vehicles. We have a preparation area, finishing and drying oven. The installation is adapted to the new technical and safety requirements for painting vehicles with alternative combustion or traction systems.


The painting section aims to provide a full service to the vehicle. We offer the following services:


///Implementation and change of corporate image in industrial fleets.


///Complete repair and repainting of buses, coaches, public works vehicles, special vehicles and vehicle carriers.


Our large-capacity facilities allow us to quickly implement your corporate image in fleets or attend to a single vehicle, as a result of a repair or other need, always applying high-quality, approved and environmentally friendly products.