Apps to make driving easier

Apps to make driving easier

People who drive industrial vehicles are characterised by long hours behind the wheel. Nowadays, they have many tools at their disposal to make the journey safer and more efficient.

In another article we already talked about intelligent driving systems such as Mobileye, in this one we want to focus on mobile apps to make driving easier.

Apps that will make your road trip easier

Here are some apps that will make your life much easier behind the wheel. If you haven’t tried them, download them and let us know what you think.

Gasolineras de España (Gas stations in Spain)

It is always very useful to know where you can fill up near your location so you don’t get stranded on the road. That’s why this app is a must-have for any haulier because it tells you where the nearest petrol station is and compares its price with those in the surrounding area. It is also available for iPhone and Android.

Truck Parking Europa

This app is the largest free platform for finding parking spaces for trucks in Europe, both official sites and appropriate zones. The app is constantly updated with data from its users. Available for iPhone and Android.


It is the traffic network par excellence. Users report speed controls, accidents, traffic jams and other very useful information to know the state of traffic in real time. It also helps you with GPS-assisted navigation, to calculate the best times to schedule your journey or to add stops along the way to rest or eat. Available for iPhone and Android.


The official DGT app allows you to carry your driving licence or driving licences directly on your phone, find out how many points you have left… as well as being able to carry out many other procedures online that until now could only be done in person at the Traffic Department.

And you, did you know them, what other apps do you know to facilitate the management of industrial vehicles?

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