Maintenance of electric commercial vehicles

Maintenance of electric industrial vehicles

The maintenance of electric industrial vehicles requires specific control over the other types of cars. Here we explain in detail what they are and how to give an effective response.

What should you know about maintenance of industrial electric vehicles?

As a general principle, if we opt for preventive maintenance, the chances of us having breakdowns will be reduced exponentially. This is because most electric motors are simpler and there are fewer parts to change; ultimately, they don’t break down as much.

If this is an advantage in any vehicle, all the more so in an industrial fleet, because the use is daily and intensive. And there are several reasons to work with a company specialized in the maintenance of these vehicles; let’s take a look:

Make spare parts by mileage

There are some spare parts that must be done routinely when a certain mileage is reached; depending on the type of industrial vehicle and model, it will touch more or less often. In these periodic reviews you will have to change the oil, brake fluid, pollen filter or braking discs, basic to avoid major problems or more complex breakdowns in the future.

Check that the batteries are in good condition

Batteries are the central element in an electric vehicle, whether it is a passenger car, a truck, a van, a bus or a tractor. In this case, it is reviewed and checked what is the level of wear of the battery and if it is necessary that we replace it or that we repair some component. In addition, the charging connectors will be checked for possible problems when recharging, which would reduce driving autonomy.

There are several batteries depending on the type of vehicle, model and material they are made of. In any case, it is good to do preventive maintenance with guarantees to get the most out of them without compromising safety.

Check the tires and steering

The pneumatic-steering combination is essential for safe and efficient driving, so revision is necessary. On the one hand, we will have to change the tires following the recommendation of the manufacturer, but also to see if there is any abnormal wear by a misaligned direction. The relationship between the two elements, especially for all wheels, is direct and bidirectional.

Perform an inspection of the underside of the car to prevent leaks or other problems

Finally, we will check the vehicle underside thoroughly to see that there are no leaks or problems in the suspension. So having specialized lifting machinery is essential; a bus can only be lifted with a large enough platform, and this is not within everyone’s reach.

In Consman we take care of the maintenance service of electric industrial vehicles with all the certifications, guarantees and the experience of a company in the sector, being able to manage all the phases of the maintenance process.

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