ADAS safety system: the main alternatives

What is the ADAS security system?

The ADAS safety system makes driving safer as well as more efficient. Here we explain the main systems available.

ADAS safety system: main alternatives

The first thing to note is that, rather than one ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) safety system, we should speak of systems in the plural. For example, the same vehicle can have several installed to improve safety. Together with apps, they have become an essential element for intelligent driving.

The technologies most commonly used to achieve this objective are cameras, lights and sensors. Do you want to know what they are?

Take note, this will interest you:

ADAS safety system: lane change warning system

Lane Departure Warning works by means of sensors that emit an audible signal to warn you if you are drifting out of lane. This is useful on all types of roads and, of course, also serves as an indicator of possible fatigue, as appropriate.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) has the ability to anticipate your action in the event of serious and imminent danger and when there is no response from the driver. In this case, it will automatically activate the braking system with the aim of bringing the vehicle to a stop as soon as possible.

Blind Spot or Blind Spot Warning (BSD)

Blind spots exist, and this is one of the main problems to deal with. The BSD essentially detects if there is a car that we cannot see because there is no angle. It does this by using lights or sounds, depending on the case.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works as a system that allows you to better control the distances between vehicles in front or behind you. It self-regulates cruise speed, braking and accelerating and is undoubtedly ideal for safer driving. It is ideal for motorway or dual carriageway journeys.

ADAS safety system: Fatigue Detector (DFD)

The Fatigue Detector (DFD) is a complex system that detects, through your movements and your eyes, whether you are tired. If the system thinks you are tired, it will suggest that you take a rest stop.

Road Traffic Obstacle Detector (PCW)

The Road Crash Warning (PCW) system is designed to prevent accidents. For example, if the proximity of a pedestrian, cyclist, animal or obstacle is detected, the vehicle will stop automatically. In this case, it works like the automatic emergency braking (AEB), but with a wider range.

Parking assistant

Parking assistance is one of the safety systems that are being fitted as standard. Basically, it works by means of a camera and sensors that allow you to see if you are parking correctly. In the event that you get too close to a vehicle or obstacle, the sensor will beep, with increasing insistence.

Installing or repairing an ADAS security system in an industrial vehicle is a task that requires the help of professionals. At Consman we are specialised in these tasks, with all the certifications and training, offering guarantees of a job well done.

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